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Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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Insights on E-Commerce Packaging

Your product has shipped but is your packaging ready?

Packaging for a New Era of E-Commerce

E-Commerce Growth by 2020

Nearly half of CPG growth by 2020 is expected to come through e-commerce.

However, the traditional retail distribution channel is not transferable to the e-commerce world:

  • More risk of product damage or failure
  • More touchpoints throughout direct to consumer distribution
  • More cost across the entire supply chain

Your Brand is at Risk

With e-commerce, products don’t just go from the manufacturer to the store shelf anymore. They typically stop at multiple distribution centers, and are repeatedly handled and repacked until reaching the consumer. Consumers are likely to voice negative reviews online when products are damaged.

Negative Product Review

Negative Brand Image

41% of consumers have a negative view of the product’s brand when it is lost, delayed or arrives damaged1
Negative Product Review

Reduced Customer Loyalty

39% of brands experience reduced consumer loyalty when a product is lost, delayed or arrives damaged1
Negative Product Review

Increased Cost of Returns

Costs associated with returns increases by 36% when a product arrives damaged1

What Fails?

Today, a test standard exists to help evaluate primary packaging’s ability to survive e-commerce distribution. ISTA-3A testing is designed to simulate transit, and subjects packages to various drop and vibration evaluations. Our research, alongside ISTA-3A testing protocol, shows that the following formats are at the greatest risk for damage:

What Fails - Image Rotator

Icon plastic caps shatter during shipping

Rigid Caps Shatter

Caps shatter from impact during shipping.

Icon plastic caps unthread during shipping

Twist Caps Loosen

Vibration causes caps to unthread and the product leaks due to sideways shipping.

Icon caps pop open during shipping

Canisters Pop Open

Caps on rigid canisters pop open due to impact pressure in shipping.

Icon broken baby food jar from shipping

Glass Jars Break

Glass jars crack from impact during shipping.

Icon spray nozzles leak in shipping

Spray Nozzles Leak

Vibration during shipping and compression forces the product out.

Icon cans dent during shipping

Aluminum Cans Dent

Cans dent from impacts during shipping, often rendering them inaccessible with a can opener.

Icon dented box from shipping

Cardboard Boxes Crush

Boxes dent and crush from impact during shipping, pulverizing loose product and causing package holes.

Icon pumps break during shipping

Plastic Pumps Break

Pumps break from impact during shipping, causing product to leak.

Cereal packaging innovation

Innovation in Primary Packaging

Bemis is here to help you design packaging that survives e-commerce distribution. By designing with the distribution channel in mind, we can help you reduce risk to your brand and reduce the amount of secondary packaging needed.

Furthermore, opportunities beyond the retail parameters are created when you design for the consumer rather than the grocery store shelf.

Take the next step

Let's test your current packaging to see if it can survive the rigorous e-commerce supply chain. The Amcor Innovation Center can perform an ISTA testing simulation for you.

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