Bulk, Foodservice and Institutional Packaging

Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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Bulk, Foodservice and Institutional Packaging

Drive Efficiency and Total Cost Savings in Bulk-Size Packages for Institutional & Foodservice Packaging Solutions

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bulk liquid food packaging

Flexible Pouch Packaging Film & Equipment for Foodservice Liquids

Drive efficiency and total cost savings for bulk and foodservice packaging with a system that increases throughput by up to double the speed and reduces materials up to 30%. Bemis’ Liquiflex® AV Series VFFS equipment and compatible pouch film reduces changeover time and simplifies setup, operation and maintenance compared to others in the industry.

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bulk powder standup pouch packaging

Standup Pouches for Bulk Mixes, Powders, Nuts and Ingredients

Optimize shelf space and save on material costs with abuse-resistant standup pouches for bulk retail, industrial and foodservice applications. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and standup formats in a variety of materials and finishes to best fit your product or brand. The film can be produced with barrier or non-barrier properties, and available in pre-made pouches or pouch rollstock.

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Bulk cheese block packaging

Pre-Made Bags for 40# and 640# Block Cheese Packaging

Optimize the quality of your cheese throughout the aging process with high oxygen and moisture barriers, while also protecting against punctures with Curwood® pre-made barrier bags. The bags are also are extensible for easy manual and tower loading.

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Bulk Shredded Cheese Packaging

Films for VFFS Natural Bulk Shredded Cheese

Maintain freshness while also keeping your cheese protected from puncture and abrasion. With critical barriers, COF and hot tack for VFFS packaging — Curwood® bulk shredded cheese films are the answer for bulk and foodservice needs. Ideal for 5-lb. to 20-lb. pouches.

Bulk gas-flushed chicken packaging

Gas-Flushed Meat Packaging for Fresh Poultry

Protect and extend the shelf life of your bulk fresh poultry with Bemis® gas-flushed poultry packaging, available in rollstock for VFFS packaging equipment.

Bulk coffee packaging

Metallized Rollstock Film for Ground and Whole Bean Foodservice Coffee

Reduce packaging material weight up to 30% when you transition from 3-ply to 2-ply film with Bemis® bMET II metalized sealant film for bulk coffee applications. Also, gain a unique and differentiating combination of visual and barrier properties.

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Bag-in-box and IBC liquid liners

Pillow Pouch and Bag Platforms for Bulk Liquid Packaging

Increase storage space while reducing labor with Bemis® Shield Pack® bulk, bag-in-box and IBC liquid liners. Eliminate leakage issues with the high barrier protection of conveniently-sized and designed pouches or bags.

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Bulk and FIBC product liners

Protective Liner and Pouch Technologies for Bulk Dry Food Service Packaging

Drive production convenience with efficient fill and dispense features, while also maintaining high durability. Optimize your dry food storage capacity and pack density with Bemis® Shield Pack® bulk and FIBC product liners.

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