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Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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packaging for coffee beans

Coffee Packaging

By the Pound or by the Cup, Lock in the Freshness and Flavor that Consumers Expect Through Reliable Packaging

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Coffee Packaging for Retail

Allow your whole bean and ground coffee to stand out on shelf with differentiating print techniques that engage consumers. Keep your products fresh and extend shelf life with high-barrier protection against oxygen and moisture.

retail coffee packaging

Kraft Paper Finish Films and Inks for Retail Coffee Packaging

kraft paper finish coffee packaging

Differentiate your brand and get the organic, hand-packaged appearance of kraft paper with matte films and inks.

Learn More About Shelf Impact

Kromasilk? Satin-Finish Printing for Retail Coffee Packaging

satin-finish printing for coffee packaging

Attain a pearlescent print surface and eye-catching 3-dimensional effects with rich, silky Bemis? Kromasilk? technology.

Learn More About Shelf Impact

Textured Inks for Retail Coffee Packaging

textured inks for coffee packaging

Achieve a natural, made by hand look and feel with textured inks that engage the consumer and create a package they will touch and remember.

Learn More About Shelf Impact

Standup Pouches for Ground & Whole Bean Coffee

standup pouch packaging for coffee

Meet consumer demands with custom standup pouches for ground & whole bean coffee. Add IntegraScore? for easy opening convenience.

Learn More About Standup Pouches

Single-Serve Coffee Packaging

Elevate your brand with single-serve coffee packaging options that meet the needs of today's shrinking households and on-the-go consumers.

single-serve coffee packaging

Stickpacks for Single-Serve Coffee Powders and Mixes

Stick packaging for coffee and creamers

Preserve taste with high-barrier Amcor SlimFlex? structures for your instant coffees and creamers. Used in VFFS operations, SlimFlex? films incorporate protective sealants so flavors can’t migrate to or from films. Sealing formats include 3-side seal, 4-side seal or fin seal. Add convenience with IntegraDirect? technology*, a notch-free opening feature.

Learn More About Amcor SlimFlex? Stickpacks

Snapsil? Technology* for Single-Serve Coffee and Creamers

Snapsil for single-serve coffee and creamer

Offer quick, one handed opening and dispensing of liquids and powders with Snapsil? technology*. Snapsil? also locks in freshness to maintain the quality of your product.

Learn More About Snapsil? Technology

Thermoformed Cups and Lids for Single-Serve Coffee and Powders

cups and lids for single-serve coffee

Offer optimal taste and freshness with thermoformed cups and lids for single-serve brewers. Perfect for ground coffee, tea, cappuccino and other powdered mixes.

High Barrier Films for Pod Packaging

packaging for coffee pods

Keep your coffee fresh with Java-Flex? barrier materials that protect against oxygen and moisture for extended shelf life. Great for single-serve pod packaging.

Standup Pouches for Single-Serve Master Packs

standup pouch packaging for coffee

Meet convenience demands with standup pouch master packs for single-serve contents. Add IntegraScore? for easy opening.

Learn More About Standup Pouches

Fractional & Bulk Coffee Packaging for Foodservice

Preserve the taste of your fractional and bulk foodservice coffee beans and extend the shelf life by protecting against moisture and oxygen with high-barrier coffee packaging films.

bulk coffee filter package and fractional coffee packaging

Fractional Packaging for Single-Pot Coffee

Fractional packaging for coffee

Achieve source reduction and enhanced visual appeal with bMET? II rollstock. bMET? II metallized sealant films allow roasters to transition from 3-ply to 2-ply films to reduce coffee packaging material weight up to 30%, while maintaining the same look and feel of a 3-ply.

Learn More About bMET? II Film

Metallized Rollstock Film for Ground and Whole Bean Foodservice Coffee

bulk coffee packaging for foodservice

Reduce packaging material weight up to 30% when you transition into Java-Flex? high barrier, high performance 2-ply metallized films with proprietary-blended sealants for bulk coffee applications.

Learn More About bMET? II Film

Flexible Packaging Films for HFFS Thermoform Applications

bulk coffee filter packaging

Gain clarity, strength, puncture resistance and oxygen barrier for your high-volume bulk applications and multi-packs with Curwood? ICE? films.

Downgauge without Sacrificing Performance

Reduce packaging weight by up to 30% by transitioning from 3-ply to 2-ply. Learn more about the benefits and physical properties of bMET™ metallized sealant.

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packaging for coffee beans

*Snapsil® is a registered trademark of Sands Innovation Pty Ltd.