Fruit and Vegetable Packaging

Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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Fruit and Vegetable Packaging

Bold, Protective Packaging Technologies for Fresh, Frozen and Processed Foods

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Processed Fruit & Vegetable Packaging

Find lightweight, protective flexible packaging to replace glass and cans for your processed fruits and vegetables. Options range from pre-made pouches and trays to rollstock with customized barrier properties and improved product resistance.

processed vegetable pouches

Retort Solutions for Shelf-Stable Products

plum organics liquid food pouch

Deliver consumer convenience with cook-in microwavable packaging. Available in pre-made pouches, rollstock, trays and lids, our retort packaging delivers dramatic savings in warehouse space and shipping costs compared to cans and jars.

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Pouches for Pureed Fruits & Vegetables

north coast apple sauce pouch

Offer convenience for on-the-go and snack time occasions with lightweight flexible pouches that replace glass jars for your fruit & vegetable pureed products. Used with HFFS or pre-made pouch filling equipment, Bemis? films offer strength, abuse resistance and barrier properties.

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Pre-Made and Rollstock Pouches for Processed Fruits & Vegetables

processed fruits and vegetable pouch

Replace glass, cans and other formats with lightweight, protective flexible produce packaging. Choose from a wide selection of pouch sizes, shapes, materials and finishes. Get standup pouches for single-serve applications, with or without fitments.

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Pre-Made Trays and Lidding for Processed Fruits & Vegetables

single serving fruit and vegetable cups

Fast-track your project with pre-made trays and lidding for processed fruits and vegetables. Available in bulk and distribution packs; pre-made trays offer ample oxygen barrier to protect foods. Lidding films can be customized to your desired peel/seal strength.

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Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Packaging

Discover packaging options that meet the demands of your frozen fruits and vegetables while offering shelf differentiation and convenience for today’s busy consumers.

frozen vegetables

Pre-Made Pouches and Pouch Rollstock for Frozen Produce

bag of frozen corn

Protect frozen fruits and vegetables with rollstock and pre-made pouches. Discover custom engineered laminations and co-extruded films that stand up through distribution and showcase your high-definition graphics.

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Steamable Microwave Packaging for Frozen Vegetables

bag of green giant mac and cheese

Offer convenience for busy consumers with steamable, microwavable options. With a quick, consistent cook cycle, Bemis? Magic Steam? II technology balances time, temperature and steam to deliver crisp, fresh-tasting vegetables.

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Rigid Packaging for Frozen Vegetables

frozen meal chili florentine

Deliver quality and convenience with CPET or PP containers that provide enhanced frozen performance and physical strength. Choose from stock tray designs or a solution custom-engineered for your application.

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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Packaging

Protect fresh textures, colors and flavors with options that range from simple wicketed bags and rigid salad kits to barrier technologies that extend shelf life.

fresh salad in bag and rigid container

Steamable, Microwavable “Cook in Package” Applications for Cut Vegetables

bagged spinach

Offer convenience with microwavable films for crisp, flavorful vegetables. Ask about a venting technology that best fits your application.

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Rigid and Semi-Rigid Solutions for Cut Vegetables & Salad Kits

living fresh greens in rigid container

Showcase fresh produce with high-clarity rigid and semi-rigid trays for cut vegetables and salad kits. Boost convenience with EZ Peel? easy open lidding, or top with steamable lidding films for cook-in options.

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Printable Easy-Open Lidding Films for Single- or Multi-Portion Produce

living fresh salad in rigid container with lidding

Create a consistent and effortless “lift and peel” opening for single-use applications with EZ Peel? films, or allow consumers to reseal your package for multiple uses with SmartTack? reclosable films. Ask about microperforation technology for oxygen transmission rate (OTR) control.

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Rollstock or Pre-Made Bags for Bagged Salads & Produce

bagged salad lettuce mix

Maximize the shelf life of your bagged salads and produce with customized oxygen transmission rates (OTR). Enhance shelf presence with bold graphics and anti-fog technologies.